Cancer Misdiagnoses in Utah: A Medical Malpractice Lawyer’s View

Many types of cancer are curable- particularly if caught early.  For example, if a breast cancer diagnoses is made at Stage 0 or 1, the five-year survival rate is close to 100 percent.  However, if the diagnoses is missed, the chances for a better outcome decline.  At Stage IV, for example, the five-year survival rate is typically less than 20 percent.  Early diagnoses is therefore key.  A missed or delayed diagnoses of cancer due to medical negligence is therefore often actionable in Utah and other states.

Delayed or misdiagnosed cancer cases often involved common causes.  These include the misinterpretation of chest x-rays, mammograms, PAP smears, and other tests.  Other negligent causes of a delayed diagnoses might include a physician minimizing or ignoring your complaints, relying on a less than definitive means of diagnosis when a definitive test, such as a biopsy, is available.  Sometimes doctors might improperly assume your complaints have a “benign” cause.  For example, they might attribute rectal bleeding to hemorrhoids when your symptoms might warrant further testing and investigation.

Missed diagnoses of cancer cases involve a loss of chance for a better outcome.  These are real and tragic injuries.  My firm has successfully handled delayed cancer diagnoses lawsuits on behalf of people in Utah and Salt Lake City and can help you or your loved one seek justice.  We work with oncologists and other experts nationwide to prove your claim.  Feel free to contact us online or call (801) 943-1005 directly for a free consultation. 

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