How to Stay Positive After a Serious Utah Personal Injury

03/20/2019 Posted by Jared Faerber

     Being in an accident is often a very traumatic and difficult experience. Whether one is injured in a car accident, by medical malpractice, or through a slip and fall, many people find that staying positive can aid recovery. No one would choose to deal with the pain, discomfort, hassle, and disability often associated with serious personal injuries, but once they occur, how do you move forward? How can you stay positive when going through the healing process while also simultaneously navigating the legal challenges involved?

Acceptance and Acknowledgment

     It can be helpful to realize that bad things sometimes happen to good people. It's not your fault, and asking "why me?" is rarely helpful.

     It's also important to accept that things change after a serious injury. Life is now different. This change, while difficult, can be an opportunity for personal growth. Those who accept and confront the challenges of physical injuries often become mentally stronger. They develop a "toughness" that others lack.

Incremental Progress Towards Your Goals

     Recovery from a physical injury is often slow and agonizing. It does not proceed in a straight line. There are starts and stops, possibly even setbacks. One way to address this is to make goals for yourself and taking daily action to achieve them. As you make slow and steady progress, you will feel a little better each day as you see yourself approaching your goal. The idea is to take some action to make incremental progress. Just taking some action will make you feel empowered.

Recognize What is Within Your Control and What is Not

     As a victim of a personal injury, many things happened to you that were not in your control. The accident itself, the injuries you sustained, how your body reacts to them, and most of the legal proceedings. It's not helpful to focus, worry, or obsess about things outside of your control. You may have been initially victimized, but don't needlessly victimize yourself repeatedly by worrying about things you cannot change.

     Instead, try to focus on what you can control: your thoughts and your actions. What will you do to move forward? Is there a way you can learn something positive from your injury? Will it make you a stronger and possibly more compassionate person?

     With regard to your legal case, you cannot control the outcome of it. You have little to no control over the actions of the insurance company or the defense lawyers. You can, however, locate your own competent attorney, provide all the necessary documents, and carefully follow the advice of your doctors. These actions are within your control and will increase the chances of achieving a positive result.

     At the Faerber Law Firm, PC, I believe in positive outcomes for personal injury clients in Utah. This doesn't mean all your injuries will be completely healed, but it does mean that your life can get better. If you, or a loved one, have been injured in Utah through no fault of your own, I would be happy to talk to you for free to see if I can help. Call Utah injury attorney Jared Faerber at (801) 438-1099.