Neurosurgeon Malpractice in Utah: A Lawyer's Perspective

02/28/2019 Posted by Jared Faerber

Education and Training

     Neurosurgeons are physicians who diagnose and treat conditions of the brain, spine, and nervous system. They treat various conditions including strokes, spinal cord injuries, birth defects, tumors, brain injuries, as well as other diseases and processes.

     Neurosurgeons require extensive training and education including medical school, an internship, and residency. Many also complete a fellowship program in subspecialties such as pediatric neurosurgery, spinal surgery, brain tumors, neurogenetics, neuro-oncology, and neurovascular surgery.

Medical Malpractice In Utah and Neurosurgeons

     Neurosurgeons routinely perform very high-risk procedures. The consequences of a mistake are severe. For this reason, neurosurgeons are subject to a high percentage of malpractice claims. Many claims involve a misdiagnoses or surgical error. Misdiagnoses can result from the failure to perform or interpret diagnostic studies correctly, failure to consult other specialists, failure to perform an adequate examination, or other shortcomings. Surgical errors can be the result of inexperience, poor technique, or other errors.

     Sometimes there is nothing that could be done by the neurosurgeon or other team member to result in a better outcome. However, in other situations, reasonable care was not followed, and as a result, you may have a claim for neurosurgery malpractice with the assistance of an experienced attorney in Utah.

     To prevail in such a case, it must be established that the standard of care was breached and that, as a result of that breach, the patient was injured. This generally must be shown through an expert witness. There are numerous other legal requirements to win these difficult cases. That is why it is essential to obtain the services of an attorney as soon as possible in the process.

An Experienced Utah Neurosurgery Malpractice Attorney

     I've practiced law in Utah for nearly 20 years and have assisted many people in difficult malpractice cases. My firm handles cases all over the state of Utah, not just in the Salt Lake City area. We work with expert witnesses and other professionals all over the country to present the best case possible. If you have a valid case, we can take it on a contingency basis, meaning you pay no attorneys fees unless we get a financial recovery. Please call neurosurgery malpractice attorney Jared Faerber today at (801) 438-1099. I'm happy to talk to you for free.