Personal Injury Cases in Utah Caused By Drunk Driving

05/09/2019 Posted by Jared Faerber

Impaired Driving in Utah Increases Settlement Value of Injury Cases According to Attorney

     According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 469 people were killed in crashes involving a drunk driver in Utah between 2003-2012. Nationally, 28% of all traffic accident deaths involve an alcohol-impaired driver. Impaired drivers are responsible for numerous additional injuries associated with traffic accidents. Fortunately, society strongly condemns drunk driving. This explains why Utah personal injury cases involving a drunk driver are worth much more, on average, than the same injury cases without an impaired driver.

     As a personal injury attorney, I evaluate cases for settlement, in part, by what a jury might award if the case were taken to trial. The other driver's insurance company is also performing the same analysis. Society, and juries, rightfully are angered by irresponsible behavior and are likely to punish a drunk driver who causes injuries by awarding higher damages. Therefore, in my experience, drunk driving cases are worth significantly more money in settlement value than others. This can be particularly so if the driver involved has previous DUI convictions or other issues. It is important to have an experienced attorney evaluate and investigate the claims to explore these issues.

Dram shop Liability in Utah: An Underutilized Avenue of Recovery

     Utah, along with many other states, has implemented a dram shop act. These laws impose liability on bars and some others who serve alcohol to a person who is apparently intoxicated and then injures another as a result. Restaurants and bars in Utah that serve alcohol are required to carry liability insurance for this purpose. In a personal injury case involving a drunk driver, this may be an additional source of recovery if the driver's automobile insurance coverage is inadequate to cover the damages.

Talk to An Experienced Attorney in Utah for Injuries Caused by A Drunk Driver

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