Who is Liable for Parking Lot and Sidewalk Slip and Falls in Utah?

03/15/2019 Posted by Jared Faerber

     Many people encounter parking lots and sidewalks on a daily basis. Slips and falls on these surfaces can lead to serious injuries. Who is liable when this occurs?

Establishing Ownership and/or Control

     Ownership of the premises is important to establish. Ownership is generally a matter of public record and can be found in public records, usually the county assessor's office.

     In some cases, such as when a store leases its premises from the owner, the occupier of a property is not the same as the owner. An occupier may still have responsibility if it exercises control over the premises. Ownership and control alone, however, do not establish liability for injuries on a property. There must also be negligence.

Utah Premises Liability and Negligence

     In the context of premises liability law, negligence is the failure to exercise reasonable care to replace, repair, and warn of dangerous conditions on the property. The owner or occupier must know, or should know, about the dangerous condition and that those entering the property won't protect themselves from it.

     Some examples of unreasonably dangerous conditions in Utah parking lot slip and fall cases I've handled include: uneven or damaged stairs, lack of handrails, inadequate lighting, uneven or strange lips or surface areas, unreasonable accumulation of ice and snow, accumulation of oil and grease, and other conditions.

Dedicated Legal Representation for Utah Victims of Serious Falls

     I do not pursue frivolous or minor premises liability cases. I investigate and build powerful cases where there is strong liability for people who have suffered hip and ankle fracture and other broken bones, head trauma, and other major injuries often requiring surgery.

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